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"We know how to find pearls in the shells of oysters, gold in the mountain, and coal in the bowels of the earth, but we are unaware of the creative nebulae that the child hides inside himself when he enters this world to renew mankind."

                             Maria Montessori

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Casa dei Montessori offers a genuine Montessori Education for children
age 1 through age 12.  Toddler-Grade 6


 What is Montessori?

The Montessori Method is a child-directed form of learning where children learn at their own pace through specially designed learning tools and self correcting "games" in multi age classrooms.  Often the children learn quickly since the materials are specifically designed to be engaging, fun and effective for their developmental level. The children also get the freedom of choice allowing them to find individual talents and interests.

  Academics are just the tip of the iceberg.  Montessori is said to "nurture the whole child" and is credited with empowering children with: a life long love of learning, cultural awareness, developing the habit of focus, self respect, honoring others, academic excellence, grace & courtesy, practical life skills, freedom of movement, decision making skills, fatigue free learning, self confidence, a love of nature, problem solving and leadership skills.


  About Us

Casa dei Montessori has been in operation since 1998.  We began in a small classroom in Bellevue, moved to Westmeade into a larger space and now have such a wonderful community of families and prospective families looking to join our school that we have moved back to Bellevue and expanded our program in a lovely 5000 square foot school building.  We have a wonderfully spacious and open primary classroom for children ages 2 through kindergarten and have added an elementary class for grades 1 through 6. 


 Our Elementary Program has been a wonderful addition to our little school!  Now our students can stay through sixth grade!  We have been extremely pleased with the progress of the elementary students.  The Elementary classroom is just as magnificent as the Primary classroom.  The children move into the classroom with such an amazing foundation that they  immediately begin to explore the depths of every subject.  We begin with a global understanding of each subject and move into greater detail as the lessons progress.  The children have direct, hands on exposure to Math, Reading, Grammar, Creative Writing, Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, Art, Music,  History, Geography, Social Studies, Theater, Hand work (weaving, sewing, knitting crocheting etc.),  African Drumming, Zumba and the gift of uninterrupted work time to get an intimate understanding of the materials.  

Enrollment Opportunities
This is the perfect time to enroll your child.  Time is of the essence because spaces are filling fast.  Please give us a call for a tour at 
(615) 673-8000 or fill out our contact information page to receive an information packet.  Come and see why all children deserve a Montessori Education!
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